• Long lasting up to 6 hours for Aedes aegypti preventing which cause Dengue fever
  • Effectively mosquito protection with Citronella Essential Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.
  • Tested by National institute of health in Thailand, Department of medical sciences for “Thai Industrial standards”
  • Beyond the standard of Thai Industrial standards that need least 2 hours protection
  • Safety use for 1 year old kid and above
  • Made from natural ingredient
  • No DEET and paraben
  • 1 bottle can be used upto 235 sprays
  • Not leave stain on cloth
  • Pleasant scent without perfume and alcohol
  • Not cause allergy


  • Protection long lasting up to 6 hr.
  • Repeat spray every six hours for continued protection
  • Gentle nature scent

Net weight

30 ml.


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