• Made with Natural essential oil and fragrance free.
  • Contain with Organic Coconut oil.
  • Non-hazardous ingredients, No menthol, No camphor the cause of respiratory inflammation.
  • The smell is not pungent, does not hurt the nose.
  • Gentle, safe can use for children over 6 months.
  • Long – lasting scent for 6 – 8 hours.


  • Onion oil contains Thiosulfinates to tracheal smooth muscle relaxant effects, indicating possible bronchodilator activities
    or relieving effects on obstructive respiratory diseases.
  • Bergamot oil to reduce runny nose, cough, sneeze.
  • Reduce inflammation of the nose with Organic Coconut Oil & Lime Oil contains with Lauric acid to anti viral, bacteria, reduce inflammatory of synus to easier to breathe.
  • Reduce nasal congestion dissolve phlegm with Eucalyptus Oil to help reduce nasal congestion within 5 minutes after inhalation and help expel phlegm in the respiratory system.
  • Reduce itchy nose with Orange oil to help reduce itchy nose, the cause of runny nose and stuffy nose.
  • Increase blood circulation, sleep well with Lavender Oil, rich in Linalool and linalyl acetate, increase blood flow to the brain, increase Bromodeoxyuridine-positive decreases corticosterone production When inhaling 1 drop of lavender every night it’s found that Helps treat anxiety, stress, and improves sleep efficiency.

Net weight

10 ml.



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