Jeli Dietary Supplement Product Yogurt Flavor (La-Moon Vita Brand)

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  • First Layer “Food Gel Technology” is the knowledge from Japan to protect active ingredients.
  • Seccond Layer “Natural Spore” of probiotics to protect’s from enviroment, pH 2, and pasteurized process at 75 oC

Safety certification with 25 medical researches

  • The medical researched in 80 children, it can helps support the immune health of children

3 Keys ingredients.

  • Bacillus coagulans Alive Probiotics 1 billon.
  • Prebiotics GOS are the food of Probiotics, which does not cause flatulence.
  • The enzyme from Apple vinegar help to pH balance.


  • Help to balance microbiome in intestines with prebiotics fiber helps to promote probuiotics growth rate.
  • Boosts immunity, restores the gut microbiome, and helps repair the gut wall.
  • Reduce allergy symptoms and reduce pathogenic Organism causing a leak of intestine until food allergies occur.
  • Eliminate waste in the body and reduce stink of sweat and bad breath.
  • Improve digestion it can reduce abdominal distension, flatulence.

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