Lamoon Organic Laundry Liquid 750 ml.

295 ฿


Because newborn skin is sensitive, and needs delicate care, Lamoon invents Lamoon Organic Laundry Liquid to help easing mommies’ heavy task of washing baby outfits.

Lamoon Organic Laundry Liquid made from contain natural Rice Enzyme, Bitter Orange Extract and Organic Chamomile Water. It removes various type of stains like baby spit-up, urine and poops.

Gentle formula. Delicate for fabric.

Low foaming, easy to rinse off

Soak your clothes in Lamoon Organic Laundry Liquid for ½ hour before washing, help soften and smoothen the fabric. No fabric softener is needed.

100% natural ingredients. Free from chemical residues that could cause irritation.

Effective for both hand wash and machine wash with pleasant scent from lavender and vanilla pure essential oil. Leave only comfort feelings for little ones.

750 ml

Additional information

Weight 0.851 kg
Dimensions 9.6 x 7.8 x 24.8 cm

750 มล., 5,000 มล.


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