Lamoon Organic Bugs Away Patch (9 patches/ sheet x 6 sheets)

350 ฿ 290 ฿


With customers’ numerous requests for Lamoon to develop mosquito repellent products. We have invented repellents in Lamoon’s style. Introducing organic baby mosquito repellent patch, first brand in Thailand with organic scent, free from chemicals and safe for babies. Sticker format. Superior to other lotions and spray in reducing risk of baby’s direct contact with chemical residues which could cause allergy.

  • Foamy texture sticker, effective in absorbing Organic Lemon Essential Oil and Citronella Essential Oil. Effective up to 6-8 hours. 100% safe for babies.

  • Mosquito repellent in sticker format is safer with no direct contact on babies’ skin.

  • Adhesive on stickers is long lasting, not easily peel off. Ready for every activities of little ones.

  • Cute Lamoon signature cartoon design, stimulating child development and imagination.

  • Easy to use. Stick on any surface such as clothes, beds, or baby strollers. No direct contact on babies’ skin is needed.


9 Patches / Sheet
6 Sheets / Pack
12 Packs / Case

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