Brand History


In 2015, Lamoon continues to organize activities for Lamoon families, to get in touch with consumers, understand families and collect valuable recommendation from fathers and mothers. Several ideas are initiated and developed into series of new organic merchandises giving focus on gentleness and baby’s safety.

  • Lamoon Organic Baby Powder made from Rice Flour.‬ The only brand with organic rice flour. The rice is grown organically and free from harmful chemicals and talcum.
  • Lamoon Organic Baby Toothpaste Chamomile formula.
    • A blend of best ingredients, organic chamomile and green tea extract to prevent bacteria, causing tooth decay, and reduce irritation in oral cavity.
    • Food grade Natural Apple Flavor. Safe even though babies could not spitting out.
    • Innovative packaging, Airless Bottle. Keep the content sealed and contamination free.

Apart from successful new products, Lamoon Breastfeeding Cover continues to receive good feedback from Lamoon mommies. As previous Lamoon Breastfeeding Cover is limited edition, Lamoon initiates to co-designs new collection with Kam Mallika, the owner of Kloset brand, the No.1 fashion brand of Thailand. Hence, the launch of Lamoon Breastfeeding Cover ‘lamoon x kloset’ Mommunista collection !

To continue developing product that addressed needs of Lamoon families , Lamoon studies and invents mosquito repellent in creative format. Introducing Lamoon Organic Bugs Away Patch, Thailand’s first mosquito repellent sticker. Organic scent, free from chemicals, safe for babies. Unlike other lotion or spray repellents, the sticker format needs no direct contact with baby skin, therefore, reduce causes of allergy.


Lamoon has on-going product development to address mommies’ needs. More mommy’s products are launched in the market to foster happy moments of mothers and babies. The product lines include:

  • Lamoon Organic Breast Therapy Pack for Nursing Mommy
    Lamoon Breast Therapy Pack soothes breast soreness during breastfeeding. Made from organic cotton. Free from chemicals and dye residues. Specially designed to fit with breast curves and retain heat for long period of time. Does not cause thermal skin burns like gel formats. A warm Breast Therapy Pack helps stimulate milk flow doing breastfeeding and reduce clogged milk ducts after refrain from pumping breast milk for a period of time.
  • Lamoon Organic Nipple and Lip Balm
    Lamoon Organic Nipple and Lip Balm. Breastfeeding is mommy and baby’s moment of love and bonding. Mommy’s embrace and soft heartbeat sounds comfort and secure little angels. Eliminate interruptions from soreness and discomfort of cracked nipples or having to worry for the cure of it by using food grade organic nipple and lip balm. The product is good for mother’s skin and safe for babies.

With warm welcome and increasing numbers of Lamoon families, Lamoon products are made available in new channel, Central Department store, top department store in Thailand.


2013 Lamoon re-launched products adding cuteness to packaging designs and launched, Lamoon Organic Baby Lotion, a new product of 3 years of research and development,100% organic, certified by USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture), USA. The product suits for newborns and is invented from in-depth understanding of mothers’ needs and genuine care for newborn delicate skin.

Lamoon also realizes importance of mommies’ product. Since any products mommies used has direct effect on her babies, hence, the launch of products specially designed for mommies. Make mommies’ daily life convenient and ensure baby’s safety.

Products for mommies include:

  • Lamoon Breastfeeding Cover (Limited Edition) Breastfeeding is a moment of happiness and bonding between mothers and babies, Lamoon offers product that nurture this precious moment. Made from fine fabric selection, Lamoon Breastfeeding Cover, woven from Natural polyester Satin. Allow only tenderness at every touch.
  • Lamoon Organic Anti Stretch Mark Cream Beginning of motherhood starts with pre natal care, nourish and moisturize and prepare mother’s skin elasticity during pregnancy. Increase suppleness from within, prevent dehydration and prevent stretch mark.


Lamoon launched a new product, Lamoon Organic Baby wipes, the first organic baby wet wipe. Clean and care for sensitive skin of newborns and families. The product was very well-responded by Lamoon families. To make Lamoon products accessible to broader group of customers, Lamoon was available at The Mall, one of leading department stores in Thailand.


Brand “Lamoon Baby” was first launched in 2011. A brand offering organic baby products, gentle for all skin types including newborns with sensitive skins. 100% natural ingredients. Chemical Free. Fragrance Free. Paraben Free.

First 6 product ranges launched including:

  • Organic Baby Accessories Cleanser (for baby’s safety in any activities)
    Lamoon Organic Baby Accessories Cleanser. Spray format convenient to use. Safe for babies.
    Made from lemon and pineapple enzyme and orange fiber extract.
    Just spray on any surfaces like toys, cabinets, beds, tables, strollers, car seats, food preparation areas, high chairs and wipe if off. No need to rinse afterwards. Clean and convenient. No residues. Alcohol free.
  • Organic Bottle and Nipple Cleanser (for gentle natural cleansing)
    Lamoon Organic Bottle and Nipple Cleanser is made from lemon and pineapple enzyme. Effectively remove ground of milk protein although breast milk is richer than cow milk. Delicate formula. Low foaming. Easy to rinse-off. Convenient. 100% natural ingredients. No chemical residues. No white stains on bottles after sterilizing.
  • Organic Laundry Liquid (for thorough cleanliness of baby clothes and free from irritation)
    Lamoon Organic Laundry Liquid is made from pineapple and lemon enzymes, effectively removing various types of stains especially baby spit-up, urine and poops without leaving unpleasant smell. Gentle formula. Delicate for fabric. Low foaming, easy to rinse off. Soak your clothes in Lamoon Organic Laundry Liquid for ½ hour before washing to help soften and smoothen the clothes. No fabric softener is needed. 100% natural ingredients. Free from chemical residues causing any irritation.
  • Organic Body & Hair Wash Gel (for babies with sensitive skin)
    Made from tomato, orange, lemon and honey enzymes. Gentle wash for baby hair and body without damaging the skin’s protective layer. Non irritating formula, suitable for sensitive skin of newborns. Keep baby skin soft, moisturized and healthy. Gentle gel formula. Does not cause red eyes. Low foaming. Easy to rinse off.
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray
    Effectively kill bacteria and virus. Non sticky formula. Alcohol free. Use it as often as you like without drying skin. Suitable for sensitive skin. Effectively kill salmonella and E-coli which is major cause of diarrhea.
  • Organic Cotton Baby Blanket
    Organic Cotton Baby Blanket is woven from organic cottons, non-chemically grown and processed. Neat cutting with soft, smooth and warm texture. Allergy free for babies. The fabric made of 100% high quality cotton. Gentle touch for newborns.