Lamoon Story

It starts with the “Love” of the mother who always finds the best things for her beloved child; food, supplies, skin care etc. Someone has said

“Do not risk your baby with harmful belongings or items necessary for baby which would cause hypersensitivity, plus, it would cost your arms and legs to care of”.

Not only your beloved children lose their precious moment but it also will steal their joyful life.
The above experience had led me to an idea creation of a “product” for our babies.

I shared this product to my friends and they tried it with their babies. The feedback was amazing, they all loved my products because it helped their baby’s irritant skin turned back to healthy skin, the product’s strong point has been spread from person to person, from a more to many moms and it was the background story of “La-moon” product. 




The launch of “Brand Lamoon Baby” the organic baby’s products. It is extremely gentle for baby skin whose skin is delicate, sensitive or hypersensitive. Our products are 100% organic (no chemical, fragrance-free and preservative).

Our 6 launched products included :

Cleaning agent for baby items (for all kinds of activities)

Our organic cleaning agent comes in spray bottle, it is convenient to use, this safe agent came from fruit enzyme (pineapple, lime, orange extraction).

How to use: spray the cleaning agent at the spots you need to clean; toys, chest, bed, table, stroller, car seat, the cooking areas or highchair. You may leave the agent stay without wiping away with water. The spots stay clean and sanitized. The products leave no residue and it is alcohol-free.

Cleaning agent for baby bottle (natural product)

Made from fruit enzyme (pineapple and lime), it will help removing milk grease stain easily (even with breastmilk stain), less bubble, easy to wash off, convenient to use, gentle feeling because of the non-foaming, 100% natural product and leave no residue which could harm the baby, leave no white stain after the bottle steaming process.

Detergent for baby clothing (for the thoroughly cleaning and non-irritating)

Made from fruit enzyme (pineapple and lime), it will help removing the ingrained stain, especially the milk stain, stool urine, leave no odor for it is mild detergent. It helps preserving the fabrics, less bubble, easy to wash off (work better if leave the stained or soiled clothing half an hour before doing the laundry). Need no softener, 100% natural product, chemical-free, no residue which could cause baby’s irritant.

Shower gel/ Shampoo (for the baby with sensitive skin)

Made from fruit enzyme (tomato, orange, lime and honey), it cleans greatly for hair and skin by not harming the skin barrier and it is irritant-free especially with the hypersensitive skin of the new born baby. It softens up and moistens their skin with our gentle gel, it will not irritate the baby’s eyes, easy to clean off with its little bubble gel.

Hand sanitizer spray

It kills both bacteria and virus with non-sticky alcohol-free sanitizer, it can be used as often as you want. No worry about the dry-skin hands. It suits well with sensitive skin. It kills 2 types of bacteria (Salmonella and E-coli) which causes the diarrhea.

Organic blanket

Baby organic blanket is knitted by the organic cotton farmed in the chemical-free field. The protection process is also chemical-free, neat tailoring, the fabric gives warm and comfortable feeling. It is confidently confirmed that the baby will be irritant-free, it is 100% cotton guarantee gentleness for your baby’s sensitive skin.

The brand-new launch “Lamoon Organic Baby wipes”

The gentle baby wipes for baby skin, wet organic wipes for baby’s sensitive skin and good for the entire family members, with plenty of positive feedbacks, we had been opening an alternative platform for buying our products. You may find our products at The Mall Department Store.

In 2013, Lamoon has been reforming its new-look and it took us 3 years for this enhancement. Our products had been certified by USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) to guarantee that our products are best for babies.

The skin lotion for new born baby was developed with love and with the ultimate feeling from mother to the baby, we know how much a mother concern for her beloved baby’s hypersensitive skin and how much she needs best for her offspring. It must be only risk-free products.

Not only we concern for babies but we also care for their mothers, whichever products she uses are also pass on to her baby. Lamoon had added on more products for the mothers as well, the products that came with full safety for both mother and child.

Lamoon Breastfeeding Cover (Limited Edition)

It’s the beautiful bonding moment between mother and the baby while breastfeeding. With Lamoon’s product, this moment will be prolonged soothingly. The cover’s fabric is produced from natural Polyester Satin which help both mother and child to feel comfortable and calm.

Lamoon Organic Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Since we understand all the mothers, we encourage all organic products for mother’s self-caring. Lamoon organic anti stretch mark cream can moisten and keep balance for the expansion of mother’s belly. It will do its job by naturally anti the stretch mark, anti-itch that might occur on mother’s skin (belly, thigh and all sensitive areas), it will also prevent stretch mark appears on mother’s skin.

Lamoon continuously care and realize how important motherhood is. We had launched another product in 2014

Lamoon Organic Breast Therapy Pack for Nursing Mommy

Breast therapy heating pad made form organic cotton would help relieving the itchy area. The organic cotton is chemical-free from dyeing in fabric fiber, special design to suit all breast types. The breast massage with hot press allows breast milk to flow comfortably during breast feeding, it relieves the symptom of fat lump which can accumulate during the no-pumping period.

Lamoon Organic Nipple and Lip Balm

Lamoon organic lip balm applies to the nipples and lips. During the breastfeeding moment, it builds up love and bonding between mommy and baby in mommy’s embrace, the feeling of security pass on to her baby. Yet the pain from crack nipple might ruin the precious moment. To put this pain at ease, Lamoon understands well and provide gift for the little angel to continue their bonding moment, by doing so, Lamoon organic balm which so called “Food Grade” for both mom and baby’s skin is created.

With the fantastic feedback we received continuously, we were proud to add on the selling channel through Central Department Store.

Lamoon had established an activity for our customers. It was for our “Lamoon” family. We have found out what was the ultimate “need” for our precious “Lamoon” family. The brand-new beginning for our organic products launch was dedicated to the safeness.

  • Organic powder from rice flour, the only product from “Lamoon” made from organic “rice flour”; chemical-free, Talcum-free, guarantee harmless reaction to the baby.
  • Organic toothpaste with chamomile, green tea extraction to reduce bacteria in oral cavity, also reduce oral irritant.
  • Natural Apple Flavor by Food Grade Standard, this product can be used even the baby is not able to rinse by itself.
  • Innovative product called “Airless Bottle” guarantee germ-free, and it is certainly safety for the little baby.
  • Lamoon breastfeeding cover has been continuously receiving good feedback, therefore, the Limited Edition has also been launched in 2015.

It had been an honored moment from K.Mallica the brand owner of “Kloset”, the top brand of Thailand collaborated with “Lamoon” came up with the new breastfeeding cover collection called Lamoon x Kloset Collection of “Mommynista”.

Our non-stop developing to the best need for mommy and all our Lamoon family. We had also launched the new product “Organic mosquito-repellent stickers” as we are the first brand who was able to launch it to the Thailand’s market with organic and chemical-free, odor-free which definitely safer than lotion or spray type, it can reduce risk to the baby’s sensitive skin where it may cause them allergy and hypersensitivity.

Lamoon baby’s product has been continuously enhancing by making research for the best formula for baby, its ideas were created by the loving and caring from mom who cares for her infant since day one. Baby’s sensitive skin can be harmed by chemical which can cause allergy.

Until, we launched Lamoon Organic Baby Milky Lotion which is suitable for baby facial and body made from Japan with the best selected ingredients which is guaranteed 100% natural as pure as mother’s breast milk.

  • 100% natural ingredients from Japanese Bamboo Root help reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin
  • Scullia root extract Baicalensis and Licorice Root Extract, soft and moisturized skin.
  • Olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and Centella asiatica extract, gentle for skin like mom's milk.
  • Global Standard Formula and Production process for Japan

Moreover, Lamoon Baby care of packaging which lamoon develop for parents with a pump lock that parent will easily use and use on the go . Lotion will not flow out.

In 2017, Lamoon launched 3 new products for parent requirement which have good feedback from lamoon family

  • Lamoon Organic 2in1 Gel Wash: 1 step of bathing and moisturizing with the value of organic aloe vera that is suitable for dry hair and skin of your baby.
  • Lamoon Organic Vegetable and Fruit wash, help to remove dirt contaminated from 100% natural with FoodGrade ingredients. It's safest for baby and everyone in the family.
  • Lamoon Organic Hand Cleansing Spray ,100% natural and FoodGrade ingredients, free from alcohol. Suitable for sensitive skin

Coming back again with breastfeeding cover. Items that mothers have been waiting for…

This collection, Lamoon continues to collaborate with Kloset brand, number one fashion brand in Thailand. After receiving overwhelmingly good feedback and it's not just a cover.

Lamoon has also added new item as a temperature storage bag. Under Lamoon x Kloset under Momamour collection with extraordinary moment from Khun Pei Panwad, a famous actress and she is the real fan of Lamoon until she become a presenter for this collection.

Lamoon Baby pride in 2019

Lamoon Baby received the Public Favorite Award for e-commerce of health products from Deputy Prime Minister Air Chief Marshal Prajin Jantong on 31 January 2019. This award is organized by the ETDA Thailand Office.

which is a government agency under Ministry of Digital Economy and Society Decided by public vote It is the one of pride reward.

from public vote who are real consumers who love, support and appreciate Lamoon. Lamoon are truly grateful and delighted.

In 2019, Lamoon launched a new product “Lamoon breast milk storage bag” because Lamoon encourages mom to feed their babies by themselves because "breast milk" is a wonderful food that is full of the best nutrients that deliver through the bonds of purest from mom to baby.

"Lamoon Breast Milk Storage Bag" a helper for breastfeeding mom that can help to store breast milk while still maintaining its nutritional value Many benefits To provide the baby with hygienic, safe and valuable to eat for a long time... Because the greatest happiness of mom is that her child has the opportunity to drink milk from mom's breast to the fullest extent.

Lamoon prioritizes on holistic kids’ health with “Lamoon Vita” a dietary supplement product.

From natural extracts for kids’ health and quality of life every day. There are 2 types of supplements to take care of your little one's health.

Immushi with vitamin C from elderberry and beta-glucan from shitake mushrooms which received the Best Practice Award 2010 from Norway. Helps boost your kid's immune system so he doesn't get sick easily, reduce cold infections and various allergies.

Yummy O, appetite supplement, Develop healthy physical growth according to their age, rich in L-Lysine, Multi Vitamin and Amino Complex

Another pride of Lamoon Baby with the honored by a world-class brand, Disney collaborate with Lamoon Baby in Thailand.

Lamoon received honor as the first Thailand brand to do co-branding with Disney under the Mom Magic Moment collection, capturing the cuteness of Bambi and Dumbo with the first collection with the most special and exclusive especially for Lamoon mom.

In addition, Ms. Sririta Jensen Narongdet, a new era mom and a real Lamoon mom who represent the confident of breast-feeding mom from the beginning until fall in love with this collection to be one part of mom inspiration for feeding the best milk to her baby. Until accepted to be a Brand Ambassador as well.

By Disney Collection is Including mosquito repellent spray and sticker to protect Lamoon Baby as well.

in the COVID-19 situation around the world including Thailand, until having to be quarantined to keep distance and strictly take care of the cleanliness of Lamoon family

Especially mom who are nervous about their kid when they grow up.

This is the story of Lamoon Hygi, a cleaning product that helps reduce germs and various dirt from natural extracts with a variety of products such as hand spray, Color-changing hand foam, hair and body gel wash, laundry liquid with fabric softener, multipurpose cleaning spray and concentrated liquid cleanser.

Lamoon Hygi is an assistant to protect mom and everyone in the family from epidemics. Ready to care and protect children with natural ingredient so they can grow up with happiness life.

One pain point of mom about gut health and constipation of her kids and don’t have much supplement which made from natural ingredient in Thailand.

Therefore, Lamoon have launched Lamoon Vita Prolacto Jeli Supplement contains various natural ingredients including of Alive Probiotics which help to balance gut with Encapsulated technology from USA.

That is the quality supplement which is one great pride for Lamoon with the global award “Winner World on Nutrition” Innovation Award 2023, the world best nutritional supplement innovation of the Lamoon Vita Synbiotic-Prolacto product from Kind+Jugend ASEAN 2023, mom and kids’ event from Germany.

This award, Lamoon must pass international standard judging criteria from the committee and specialist in innovation Technology that cares primarily about consumers.